Interest Advantage


We uphold unwavering integrity and a steadfast commitment to ethical practices.


Our renowned service and technical support are unmatched in the industry.


We have been pioneers, always the first to identify industry trends and changes.


Our fully-equipped, certified facilities boast advanced capabilities for comprehensive testing and analysis.


We have a global presence, ensuring our services reach clients worldwide.


Intest is guided by a diverse team of seasoned industry professionals from around the world, each with unique life experiences and career trajectories that have led them to our Intest family.

Our shared vision revolves around creating a workplace where individuals collaborate joyfully and conscientiously, aiming to enhance safety and quality standards in the electronics sector. Regardless of our locations and areas of expertise, we highly value clear and respectful communication, both internally among our colleagues and externally with our business partners.

Technical And Operational Activities

Our operations team comprises engineers with expertise in electrical testing, product analysis, failure analysis, and information technologies. Many team members have been part of the White Horse family for an extended period and bring substantial practical experience.

To ensure our team's ongoing technical proficiency, we utilize an extensive internal certification program in combination with external training resources.

Quality Control

Our dedicated quality assurance team upholds unwavering integrity and ensures the utmost protection of your supply chain. With strict adherence to international standards and ISO9001 certification, our employees are fully committed to not only meeting but surpassing the quality expectations of our company and our valued customers.

Every team member undergoes comprehensive education on the fundamental requirements of a testing laboratory and the broader electronics industry. Furthermore, our quality assurance team continuously participates in training programs covering international quality assurance practices, relevant standards, and regulations, keeping them well-versed in the latest industry developments.

Sales And Customer Support

Utilizing deep industry knowledge, our international sales and support team proficiently handles all inquiries concerning our testing methods and supplementary services.

In-house training guarantees the quality of our team's advice, aiding you in making informed decisions and minimizing supply chain risks. Integrated digital communication and transparent workflows ensure a seamless customer experience from beginning to end.

The Intest Family

Over 200 employees bring their diverse skills, expertise, and personalities to the Intest team. It's the effective collaboration among these distinct individuals that consistently delivers the high-quality work our customers value.